get 100% revenues back
in 3 yeaRS and support sustainable development on KOH PHANGAN
The demand for fancy accommodations in Koh Phangan always exceeded the offer, even during COVID. Construction market is growing fast right now, and our goal is to encourage investors to support sustainable development on koh Phangan
Our concept is to discover lands that would be most interesting for further quality construction, purchase them at wholesale prices and then resell to conscious developers that agree to meet our life quality & eco-friendly standards.
We offer seaview lands with proper papers on Koh Phangan as a safe investment with guaranteed price growth, at the same time we get the power to create the infrastructure that will make sustainable development on Koh Phangan easy & affordable.
Koh Phangan, Ban Tai, 4 rai, Price ~ 10 mln bath.
We can keep it green forever and sell at ~ 20 mln within 3 years!
We believe that being eco-friendly means caring about everybody's needs
  • Koh Phangan Nature — needs less buildings to be built and more sustainable technologies to be used

  • Local people — need help with property management on Koh Phangan

  • Island expats — need more quality accommodation and less mass tourists coming to the island

  • Investors — need a safe investment that has obvious reasons to grow in price and goes along with their personal values

  • Developers — need better infrastructure for sustainable development and more sophisticated people investing in koh Phangan

  • Villa owners — need safe investments as well as comfortable homes with view & privacy not far from all the necessary infrastructure

  • Guests of the Island — need comfortable places to stay & eco-friendly stories to tell

  • Thai Government — needs more conscious development on the island and supports eco-friendly projects
We assist and support our clients to develop their business fast and successfully
Keep the best lands green
All our products are handmade produced, handmade crafted and beloved. Any product is unique on its own.
Get the best homes built
We sell the product on printing markets SANAR, in Vans stores and corners and also you can read our featured stories in the online mag.
Sustainable development means being independent as well.
Company set up ~ 100 k bath
Lawyer guidance ~ 100 k bath
Financial plan ~ 100 k bath
Architectural plan ~ 100 k bath
Media production ~ 100 k bath
Advertising ~ 100 k bath
LITTLe steps we take
We want too keep the project independent from anyone's big money, and let the local community follow and support the process through private channel subscription

better known by her stage name M.I.A., is an English recording artist of Sri Lankan Tamil heritage.
She is also a songwriter, painter and director.

"M.I.A." is a play on her own name and a reference to the acronym of Missing in Action.
Her compositions combine elements
She has been nominated for an Academy Award, two Grammy Awards and the Mercury Prize
Let's protect Koh Phangan from unconscious constructions
Follow our ongoing investigation and make sure you have reasons to support the project
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