AudioCipher Technologies
AudioCipher is a music inspiration app. It's designed to give producers like you a tool to play with while you're coming up with new ideas.

You just type in a word or phrase and pick a key signature. AudioCipher automatically translates your text, letter by letter, into a series of MIDI notes. You can drag this MIDI data onto your virtual instrument of choice.

Why turn words into music? Because composers have been doing it for years as a way to overcome writer's block. Nobody wants to do the translations in their head (too much math) so we automated that process for you.

Fans have been using AudioCipher with RipChord, a free chord generator plugin, to come up with new and unexpected chord progressions.

The nice thing about AudioCipher is that it can help you get a starting point for MIDI composition, songwriting and beatmaking. It's not a melody generator like Melody Sauce. AudioCipher set you down a path and it's up to you to interpret how to follow it.

As a commitment to our users, AudioCipher facilitates a free community on Discord where people share their thoughts and music. This ensures that you're not working on your ciphers in isolation.

For the entire year of 2021, any updates made to the AudioCipher app will be free to existing customers.

Your AudioCipher download will include:

  • Standalone MIDI app for Mac and Windows.
  • VST3 for MacOS.
  • AU MIDI plugin for Logic Pro X (MacOS).
  • Installation Guide.
  • Getting Started Guide.
  • 3 Encoder PDFs to understand how the AuidioCipher cryptogram works.
  • 250+ MIDI Files based on words organized by major/minor/chromatic.