Project Plan

Timeline & expected expences
Primary Goals
Get booked monthly
Bring 10 monthly guests by the end of September at max price possible(10-15 k bath). Since that would be monthly rentals - furniture & some additional value are reuired
Get the place clean & fancy
Make necessary renovations and order furniture. Clean the territory up, pain houses inside and outside, make repairs and get furniture and smith for atmospere
Get Noticed
We should test different client sources and check which ones are the most stable and easy for us to maintain. compare Facebook and airbnb, write nice texts and make professional media for all marketplaces
Get prepared for daily bookings
By November we should have the program and all materials to promote online effectively. Website, trip advisor, social media and retreat market places. Attract people who will successfully maintain the program. Find stuff
Key Actions
Get 2 People to clean and repair (25 k bath)
Order Furniture
Find partners for yoga, workouts (barter)
Make fancy pictures($100 or barter)
Post ads: fb, air bob, retreat market places
Continue renovations and repairs, 2 people
Keep posting houses online regularly

Finish renovations and all rooms
Keep posting houses online regularly
Get resort 80% full monthly
Create retreat Program
Find partners for daily booking program
Keep 1 worker
Website & social media for retreats
Professional photo & Video shootings
Posting & promoting on market places
Keep posting houses online regularly
Fb & Instagram targeting campaign
Context advertising campaign
1 week tour for Thai local bloggers
Keep posting houses online regularly
Find stuff for high season (4-5 people)
Start daily programs
Improve advertising capmaigns
Post in local groups
Weekly events in the area, find partners
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Renovations & Repairs
Total 250 - 300 k thb including territory, all works and materials. Sasha's list + my suggestions
Cleaning stairs
Wooden floor repairs in 2 houses
Painting walls - 1 house outside + 5 inside
Windows in 2 houses
Fix bathroom in 1 house
Tile fix in 2 houses ( 15-20 sq m)
Leak fix - 3 houses, small issues
Hanging roofs for terraces, 8 pcs
Change water pipes in 1 house
Change metals floor in 2 houses
Wash all houses inside and outside
Fans for the restaurant and shala
Fancy barbeque near the open bar
Make an alcove out of pool
Sasha suggests adding concrete roof to 3 huts:
- 30-50 k thb for the roof
- AC 20 k thb
- change windows 10 k

Mentioned items cost 300 - 400 k thb & will double the price for long term.
Being an eco friendly project, we can also buy used furniture from those who leave the island, and then order the rest from Lazada or China
Outside kitchen/sink
3000 - 5000 k thb * 10 houses
Gas stove
700 * 12 houses
Tea pot
250 thb * 12 pcs
600 thb * 12 pcs
600 thb * 12 houses
Coffee maker
1000 thb * 12 houses
2000 * 6 + 3000 * 6 houses
Kitchen accesories
2000 thb * 12 houses
Fancy Hammocks
3000 * 7 pcs
Light decorations
1000 thb * 12 houses
~ 2000 * 10 pcs, different size
Work Spaces
3000 * 10 pairs chair + table
Green Grass Floor
decor for some rooms, ~5 k thb
9000 * 3 pcs (2nd floor -small table)
~ 500 thb, 15 pcs
Bean Bags wtprf
~ 2000 thb * 10 pcs
kitchen Tables
700 * 7 pcs
3000 thb * 5 pcs
1000 - 2000 thb * 5 pcs
fancy fans
2000 * 10 pcs
Marketing opportunities
For low season we can go with free methods, but if we want to sell at higher prices we can also invest some energy in branding
Oasis car. From 250 k thb
Get a car to use for renovations, later we will turn it into a small oasis, put green grass and bean bags and use for retreat guests and to attract attention
Designer, ~ 20 k thb
After we agree on a concept we will need fancy design to sell it at better price. The price includes website, printed materials, logo, thumbnails ect
Photo and video. ~ 25 k thb
We will need professional photo and video production to post about retreat programs. The best time is during the press tour for bloggers
Search optimisation, 20 k + 10 k thb
To get to the 1st page of google search in 6 months we just need to post ~20 articles about "retreat on Koh Phangan" and advertise these pages in fb
Google ads, 10 k thb/monthly
This would be the easiest and the most efficient way to advertise during high season. Sasha had 80% occupancy with it + free options
Press tour, from 500 thb/day/person
After long term guests check out and before we get full with daily guests I suggest invite local influencers for programs. Expenses - food, cleaning
Social media, 20 k thb
We don't need regular content creation, just need to post ~20 posts and maki it all look expensive. can be done in couple of months
Promo at market places, ~ 10 k thb
Need to make trip advisor and all social media look creditable, buy some reviews to get higher into different rates, offer bonuses for advertising

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